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APA videos and modules available online for teachers


Die American Psychological Association (APA) gibt im Rahmen des Psychology Teacher Network vom Februar 2013 einen aktuellen Überblick über ihre Angebote zu „PsyTalks, podcasts, videos, and online modules available for teachers“. Es lohnt sich sicherlich auch für andere interessierte Nutzergruppen, diese umfassenden Angebote der APA, die laufend erweitert und aktualisiert werden, eingehender zu studieren.


Psychology teachers can find many videos and modules posted on the APA website. The following links may be of interest to both teachers and students.

First episode of PsyTalks
Patterned after the highly successful TED Talks, PsyTalks presents some of psychology’s leading researchers discussing their latest findings. The first episode features Linda Smith, PhD, of Indiana University Bloomington, explaining why the way babies move determines what they see and what they see determines how they learn.

“This Is Psychology” podcast series
In this podcast series, APA’s Chief Executive Officer Norman Anderson, PhD, highlights some of the most intriguing psychological research being published today. The most recent podcast as of January 2013 is on drugs and therapy.

Main APA Videos website
You can find all APA videos and electronic media through this site.

APA’s YouTube channel
APA’s own YouTube channel includes videos such as the Opening Session of the APA Convention (August 2012, Orlando, Fla.).

APA Videos for Psychology Teachers
Thanks to funding from the American Psychological Foundation, the APA Education Directorate has posted seven videos of sessions from the 2012 APA convention online. Videos from the 2012 APA/Clark University Workshop will be added to this site in early 2013.

Online Modules
Three online modules for psychology teachers have been posted to the TOPSS website:

Key points to remember in biopsychology
Classroom demonstrations on biopsychology
Research methods, measurement and statistics

Additionally, the APA Center for Psychology in Schools and Education has 12 teaching modules available on topics such as bullying, classroom management and using praise to enhance student resilience and learning outcomes.

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